Certified Farms

Certified American Grown is currently in the process of transitioning our certification program to our new 3rd party certification company, Where Food Comes From.

An updated directory of our certified farms will be released on December 15th. 

If you would like to be our next Certified American Grown flower farm, simply let us know your interested by starting here.

If you are a retailer that would like to learn more about how to promote Certified American Grown, we’d love to speak with you. Contact us at info@AmericanGrownFlowers.org.

In the meantime, enjoy these posts from consumers who love the ability to easily identify and support Certified American Grown Flowers.

Origin matters. Designers, retailers and consumers alike appreciate the assurances that come from being Certified American Grown.

Today you will find the Certified American Grown program being featured at mass market retailers, floral wholesalers and farmers markets.

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10 thoughts on “Certified Farms

  1. Great to learn about this today! We just added a link to resources accompanying a popular article on the value of seeking out independent florists ( http://amiba.net/resources/2013/real-florist ) and we welcome you to suggest other ways we can guide people to seek out American-grown. We could add a couple of paragraphs on the topic to this article or perhaps publish an accompanying piece if you like. Thanks!